February 18th, 2011


Wotta World...

WTF? Gang fighting frenzy, with three people stabbed, in Trafalagar Square, at 4 PM!?  What next?   All the Middle East hubbub could get very nasy, but we all knew that, I guess. I didn't expect things to start heating up so soon, though...That town hall fracas in Islington also  provided sobering mental images of things to come... The government's insane, unthought-out plans for 'encouraging' everyone back to work,while eliminating jobs at the same time, keep on rollin'. Small bright spots in the U-turns on forest-flogging, and depriving disabled people in care homes of their mobility allowances.
Grim schlep to Guy's, this morning to have scary ultrasound scan on my leg. I've had it before, and it's not painful, or anything, but spooky and long drawn-out. Getting up at 6 was a bit crap, too.
Saw a silly old horror film, THE SENTINEL, by Michael Winner . It was quite lame, but the cast of big-time cameo stars was amazing. Also noteworthy, in a negative way, was a finale featuring a mob of genuinely disabled and disfigured people as damned souls, demons, whatever. Tasteful!
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