February 7th, 2011



Every day I get up fully intending to produce, but end up slumping around like a zombie, once I've tidied up, etc.
The aerial of course, is not fixed; unsurprising as the eerie wind continues to wail around the tower. I wouldn't fancy working on the roof.
R Next Door is seriously thinking of returning to Austria. I suppose it makes sense for her, but it would be really bad news for me. Much as she irritates me at times, I've come to rely on having a friendly cat-sitting neighbour I can understand, and who's on the same wavelength culturally. Oy...
I saw THE PASSENGER, one of those famous films that I've somehow never got around to. WTF was that all about? Ever so long and slow. I've never much cared for Antonioni, actually. Starring with Jack Nicholson was the recently Hovis Maria Schneider. The poor girl really was a bit of a plank.
I was enjoying this clip from a very famous '76 production of THE RING, and it  occurred to me that  Chereau.  had almost certainly seen THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, as that was on in London in '73-'74, I think. Loge has got to be based on RiffRaff...


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