February 1st, 2011


DVDs And Stuff...

My life seems to consist entirely of gawking at TV these days. I always did watch too much...
Recently I saw DESCENT2, which didn't impress me much, although those Creepers do make you jump, when they leap out.
I finally saw DER GOLEM. I do love those old German Expressionist films, with all that glorious gurning, angular shape-throwing  and skewiff architecture. There are wonderful old wonky houses is this one.
So far I'm very impressed with THE KILLING, a Danish murder mystery on BBC4. It's so extremely slow that it should be boring, really, but it draws you right in and hooks you. There are so many believable characters, and the actors are terrific. The victim's parents, especially, are just heartbreaking. I also have no idea at this point who dunnit and why.
I just realised it's 24 hour comic day. Damn...
There's a lot of UFO blather online, at the moment. I do wish some aliens would reveal themselves.
The rubbish chute can now be used again! They 'fixed' it, of course, by removing the outer 'lid' bit, so now there's just a great open hole for toddlers, pets, and skinny suicidal types to leap into, not to mention the stink rising up and out, from the bins below. Still, it's nice to be able to get rid of catbox contents conveniently again.

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Writer's Block: Presto chango!

If you were a shapeshifter for one day, who would you embody and what would you do?

I would be a bigtime  hotshot opera star. Here's how I would sound;


I would probably look like Angelina Jolie, and after my evening of Wagnerian triumph, I would retire to my five-star suite, and get it on with at least  one of my many fantasy men.