January 22nd, 2011

robot maria

Surreal Sights...

What is the story with that strange circle of Babylonian-style busts that have sprung up on Millbank?  They're a bit on the eldritch side, and I really like them
I also saw a rather lost-looking pipe band strolling damply up Whitehall (summat to do with Burns Night, I guess-), sending a crowd of tourists waiting for the Changing of the Guard into a photo-opportunity flash frenzy.
I was delighted to discover my cataracts haven't grown much since last year, and i probably won't need the op for a while. I didn't even have to shell out for new lenses, so that's a relief....The guy who did the tests ( and kept calling me 'Mr Kennedy' throughout! -)  said my vision was actually not too bad for a geriatric, and blood vessels, etc. seemed in pretty good nick! Thank you Jesus!
R Next Door gave me a scented candle for my birthday, which i suppose someone gave her, and I shall attempt to give to someone else...Thought that counts, of course, and I appreciate her bothering, while she's busy having a 19th nervous breakdown.
It was really nice to get all those Facebook greetings as well. For some reason, I found it rather touching this year.
Birthdays suck, though.
It's a full week today that the rubbish chute has been crammed. Gotta be a proper health hazard by now. I'm worried that there might be a fire. Spoke to a concierge-first one I've seen in days, and he says many reports have been made, etc. etc.  Effin' disgraceful.
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