January 11th, 2011

Twitch Bugs

Hospital Appointment...

Just a checkup for my varicose veins,but there's always a long depressing wait, and I  have to have a compression bandage again. Plus I pointed out a wart on my calf, and he took a biopsy, with two eager students in attendance. Fab...
When I got back I was just about to collapse when R Next Door came round with half an hour's worth of hysterics.
Then I had a morbid evening of telly, with ENDERS (Baby funeral, more unlikely Ronnie lunacy-) SILENT WITNESS (haven't watched this for years, but it's actually rather interesting at present-) and a documentary about mental hospitals. Whee.
I'm pleased to say  my  RADIO TIMES arrived today along with the one that should have come last Tuesday.

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