December 24th, 2010

muffler scrooge

Glumeux Noel...

Dunno why I feel so melancholy; maybe just the end of another bad year, with no likelihood of things improving. Meh. The R situation hasn't helped. It's very frustrating to want to help, but not be able to..
Just watched a new TV adaptation of WHISTLE AND I'LL COME TO YOU- Certainly not a patch on the old Jonathan Miller version with the scary sheet, and  rather pointlessly, it diverged much more from the original.
Also watched SCROOGE for a while, but that colourised version really  detracts from its effect. I only realised rather recently that the 1951 version was a  yearly ritual to many others. We would watch it without fail when I was a kid, and if it didn't turn up on TV, it was kind of a bad omen.I can, of course, recite the script...I've also discovered that a lot of people share my affection for the brief appearance of a sweet-faced maid who mutely encourages Scrooge to enter the parlour where his estranged nephew and co. are warbling 'Barbara Allen'. Strange little moments of cultural communion...

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