December 15th, 2010



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Spent about half an hour on the phone to BT Vision, trying to get my sound back, I was straining all the time to understand the orders the woman with the major accent was giving, but getting nowhere, until I was practically in tears. I'll have to try online. The frustration! Nnnngh!
Ventured out to Clapham Junction to stock up on groceries, etc. for possible heavy snow coming up. Everyone was coughing horribly. If I catch another dose of that lurgy I shall be very crabby indeed. I'm still so utterly knackered though, I may be quite susceptible. Bah.
Amazy seems to have discovered the point of her fleecy bed next to the radiator at last, although she can't comfortably sleep on her back in it.
Just watched an episode of REAL HOUSEWIVES, using the subtitles. Danielle had her fourth breast 'procedure'  and Teresa had a housewarming party  with all sorts of theatrical lighting, fire eaters (!), etc. Criminy.
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