November 29th, 2010


God, It's Cold...

Even I have to admit it. I'm not complaining, as I rather like it, but I wouldn't like to be out in it too long. It really 'felt like' snow today, but so far nothing in London.
For trash lovers I really have to extol the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY again. It's  a late-night 'reality' extravagana on ch 4. A gaggle of hot blooded Italian rich bitches (one appears to live in Versailles-) are engaged in a stormy feud with extremely weird and sleazy 'prostitution whore' Danielle, who once was on friendly terms with one of the coven, but they have fallen out bigtime, especially since revelations about D's rackety past. Much turning over of restaurant tables,hate campaigns on Facebook, entourages of greebo- type pals for 'protection', etc, etc. Must Be Seen. Main combatants Danielle and Teresa are also creepily dedicated to pimping out their alarming spoilt kids to be model/actors. Wow...
Amazy still runs for cover when R Next Door comes in. Hope it's going to be OK while I'm in Germany. I suppose once R is dishing out the Whiskas, the problem will solve itself. it's only a couple of  full days,really.
ART OF GERMANY on BBC 4 looks really good (9 tonight-) They're featuring the staggeringly  awesome Cologne cathedral . I'm really glad we've got another chance to visit it.
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