November 24th, 2010



Starting to feel proper cold. I've stocked up on basics in case there really is a big snow, but I doubt it.
Re: the IAC saga of Gillian McKeith, I've not been watching, although it seems to be getting a bit extreme. I don't know how many times she's fainted, and she evidently screamed and carried on so alarmingly in one 'trial' that it wasn't broadcast. She's also claiming to be pregnant, which could be possible at 51, but if she's 51, I'm Angelina Jolie. All very strange indeed..
I was enthralled by the PILLARS OF THE  EARTH  TV series for its extreme idiocy and the excellent Ian Mc Shane's witty turn  as the bad, mad bishop. I've never read a ken Follett book, but there seem to be a few hundred of them. Lucky bugger. How do these people do it?

I wish I were a 'Master Storyteller and Best-Selling Author'...

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