October 27th, 2010

destroy planets


First thing I saw on entering the newsagent's this morning was the Mail shrieking orgasmically '75% of incapacity claimants ARE fit for work!'  Think of the cost of all the appeals (in money, to to mention stress on the paupers...) Most of them will, of course, win their appeals. Other vulnerable folk  will be forced to try and live on JSA indefinitely, as There Are Not Enough Fucking Jobs Anyway. Grrrrrr.....

I always quite liked couscous, but recently i seem to have gone off it. Discuss.

My new bed is coming on Monday. Heh!

Did the laundry, then was actually left stark bald by the barber. No visible hair at all. I'll have to stay indoors for a few days! I was quite shocked when i looked up and saw what he'd done, but I guess it doesn't matter,really, and, as always, it feels SO good.

Saw the old TV series of QUATERMASS AND THE PIT. It's quite clever, really. I remember being really scared by it as a kid.
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