October 15th, 2010


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I am grooving on my huge new LCD telly. The picture quality really is an improvement, and hey, I've got cataracts,now. I deserve' it, I really do...
Got some new painkillers; so far no good, and some antidepressants I've not tried yet. According to the quiz at the doctor's, I only have 'moderate to serious' depression. Can't imagine what 'serious' must be like...Probably gonna have my benefits cut, although the doc just clucks and says no, I won't...Well, I do have the physical stuff, too., but when you hear about these deaf, dumb and blind people losing their DLA all the time, it is worrying, Wibble.Got my flu jab, too, so that's out of the way.
I collected the laundry, and then hoovered. Oh my, busy, busy...One of  the lightbulbs burnt out, and I can't balance on the kickstep long enough to change it Jeezus

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Have I posted this before? Not sure... Conrad Veidt had an interesting face; sort of a Bizarro with gravitas.
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