October 4th, 2010


More Strange Musings...

I was thinking about how when I was a kid, it was so difficult to find out odd bits and pieces that you wanted to know, or stuff that you wanted to see and hear. Like I'd read  about the old opera stars, and  have to get records from the library, if they actually had any with the artists I was curious about. I remember trips into Manhattan to search for Chaliapin discs, having had to save up, find a place that sold such stuff, etc.
Just reading unillustrated art books, or biogs old time celebs, and stuff, you'd  have no idea of what it/they looked like, without more library searches.
It seems bizarre, now, but that's how it was 40-50 years ago, especally if you came from an uncultured home. I discovered an awful lot of stuff accidentally on TV, stumbling upon opera excerpts or art lectures tucked away on seldom-watched stations.
I really envy the yoof of today, with everything online at their fingertips. I had no idea where to go or who to ask about stuff like being a super at the opera houses to see shows for nothing, learning how to be a comic artist, etc. etc. There are so many opportunities to learn about comics, or  get involved in big theatre and opera companies, now. Even if a lot of it is cheesy, you could pick up some knowledge, make some contacts...*Sigh*
In my day, you couldn't even find books about comics,apart from SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT!

Bleached my hair for the first time in ages, but it doesn't take too well on the grey.
Watched PANDORUM, which was very dark, and had no subtitles to clarify all the hollering to my aged ears. I was bored and nodded off, missing half of it.

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