September 28th, 2010

i am bored


A bit dank and chilly in here. My leg really hurts, I've got no inspiration, and don't even know what I want to read. Hell.

Watched  BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS, which was a riot. Apart from a few references, it has nothing to do with the Abel Ferrara film. I always enjoy Nicolas Cage, no matter how lame his vehicles, and here he's doing what he does best; eyepopping, cackling, and general twitchy mentalness. He seems to be in a weird hair phase, too. His barnet in this one  is almost on a Chistopher Walken level of oddness.
It's directed by Werner Herzog, who throws in some good moments of baffling strangeness.

Had a dream of a furious John Prescott, wearing some sort of gladiator helmet seemingly made out of a wire bike basket, harranguing a crowd on behalf of Ed Milliband ('Are you not entertained?...')  As for RL unred Ed, so far I haven't much hope. Will there ever be a viable Left again? Sigh...
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