September 21st, 2010


Mindboggling Sights...

There is some profoundly jawdropping stuff on this site. I'm still not sure if it's all a  hoax, or wot.
The 9 /11 memorial items are particularly noteworthy. Check out the eagle weeping a  huge glitter tear, and the Burger King branch offering free medium fries 'in memory of our fallen heroes.'


Fighting Agoraphobia...

Did it, got myself to the Dulwich Picture Gallery, which I  haven't visited in several years, to check out the Salvator Rosa exhibit. It cost eight pounds, even with OAP discount. I was going to claim disabled, but it's so embarrassing...Anyway, it was very interesting, lots of wild landscapes, brooding portraits and spooky witches' frolics. It's a lovely gallery, of course, very pleasant atmosphere, and a fine collection. I did this quickie sketch in front of Rembrandt's portrait of his son as  a young man. It's very touching. The artist seems to sense that the soulful, rather feeble-looking youth isn't going to make old bones.

Grumps of the day:
  • Too hot.
  • There's this Muslim guy in one of the local shops, who seems so afraid he might accidentally brush my infidel female palm, that he slams the change all over the counter instead. It pisses me orf, then I feel guilty for disrespecting his culture. I don't know what to do about it, but avoid going there.
  • At the bus stop, three confused Asian youths asked me how to get to a certain college, thinking it was on Wandsworth Road. They really needed to get to Wandsworth High Street, and I told them which bus to get. A man butted in,and told them to go to the nearby college down the road, so they followed his instructions, despite my protests. Later I saw them coming back, looking sheepish, having been to the wrong college. Wankers.

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