September 7th, 2010


Panic Attacks...

I really seem to be getting some very strange turns. I hope they're 'just' panic attacks. I guess if indeed I was having a stroke/heart attack/complete organ collapse/psychotic break/all of the above  I would actually be on the floor unconscious...but it really is dreadful, especially when amongst people.
Had another scary nightmare, too. I was waiting to see the dentist, who was going to finish off some work he'd started. Something was sticking up scratching the roof of my mouth, so I tugged on it and my whole inner jaw came out, plus the rest of my skull, which looked like one of those crystal carved ones...Thus, my head, although it looked as normal as it ever does, was hollow. I was hysterical, phoned the dentist who grumpily said to come straight in, but it wasn't unusual. Then I was bumbling around carrying my own skull, encountering the usual obstacles, getting lost, etc, freaking all the time. Eeeeee....
The bloody sodding buses have the heat on again. I know I rant about it all the time, but apart from being unpleasant, it's such a colossal WASTE!

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