September 2nd, 2010


Still Summer...

Too hot for me, but very pretty days...Went to the Tate and looked at the recent Romantics re-hang. Skipped Rude Britannia, which probably wouldn't have been worth all that money.I felt knackered afterwards, as it was.
That was yesterday. Today I was heading for the luanderette when I realised I'd left the stuff at home! (Dementia...?) Didn't have the strength to go back, just went to the river and read my book there for a while. Better than being indoors,at least. This young woman sat next to me, and had a long, exhuberantly shouty conversation in German, on her cellphone. When she left, she said 'I am sorry if I was too loud.' Startled, I mumbled 'Thassokay', but felt weird. Was I giving off annoyed vibes, or something? I mean, I hadn't even been bothered. For some reason, I've always liked the sound of German.

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