August 20th, 2010


I Inspired Mark Gatiss!!!...

I'm flabbergasted! I was looking forward to the Film show on R4 today, because I knew Mr G was going to discuss Shiela Keith, an obccure actress who did several bizarre cult horrors in the 70's. When I was 'assistant' editor of WORLD OF HORROR, I set up a feature on her with the headline  'A Distaff Karloff?' When he was  kid, Gatiss was evidently a WOH reader and fondly remembers it as being 'beautifully produced-very glossy'. The Shiela Keith piece really impressed him. Wow, I can't believe it...I always thought I could have made something along the lines of CINEFANTASTIQUE when I finally officially took over WOH. Alas, they went bankrupt almost immediately, and I had to return to grim 'service' jobs.
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More WOH Nostalgia....

Can't believe that there are still fans out there.

I used to love Jim Pitts' illos.
I did indeed write a few fiction stories  under pseudonyms. Terrible dross. The boss would give me a title based on some picture they had  access to, like THE CLOWN THAT CRIED BLOOD, And I'd have to dream up some balderdash to fit it. I wrote almost all the film crits, and most of the articles, plus a  few illos. I remember Kevin O'Neil did some comics  and stuff. too.
Best job I ever had. In those days, I still thought I might  amount to something. *Sigh*