August 8th, 2010



I tried this for the first time today, and it rally is scrummy.

I still have this awful sticky cough that's making me very tired. Meh.

I keep noticing, especially in THE TIMES how all 'rude' words are annoyingly censored, even really tame mild stuff like p***** off, and t**s!
It's trivial enough, but it serves to remind me how backward, uptight,  prudish '50s-ish and prissy life is becoming . Another 'kill the benefit scroungers'  front-pager from Mr cameron this morning, not to mention the usual smattering of references to the expense to the taxpayer of 'the obese', etc etc., nor to mention the inconvenient, costly oldies. Of course a good few obese people and old folks do pay tax, like me, lots of it, even though we're poor, for other peoples' annoying children, schools,etc. Grumpmumble. And after all the draconian puffing he's been doing, the PM suddenly announced he 'didn't like' the proposed snatching of kids' free milk in nursery schools...that might make him look bad!

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