July 31st, 2010

Twitch Bugs

Feeling Damned Peculiar...

I considered really serously trying to go to CAPTION, but the humidity was so bad this morning that i gave up, and sat around as usual, reading the papers. just as well, because i'm definitely more poorly than usual. Despite antihistamines, I can't stop sneezing furiously, and I feel dizzy and odd generally. Sigh...Been like it for several days, and it's not improving.

Had a dream that I was repeatedly  attacked by a giant bee the size of a tennis ball.

EASTENDERS has been absolutely brilliant in its lunacy of late...Denise was, of course, not really dead, but stashed in the boarded-up cellar right next door to her house, by killer hubby Lucas. He finally just decided to let her go, and as she stumbled through the front door into Libby's melancholy birthday 'party'...DUFF DUF DUF!...  in the next episode, she was seen trying to explain the situation to the family who had buried  'her' (another Lucas victim...) days before. Evidently nobody had even screamed when she shuffled in. At least when Dirty Den came back from the grave, 'Princess' Sharon promptly vomited...(One of EE's more convincincing moments.)

Alas, my sister was told by a neighbour that poor Uma was indeed seen squished  by a lorry a mile or so down their lethal road.  So sad...They've adopted a newbie in her memory already, provisionally named Echo.

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