July 16th, 2010


Mystery Man...

I've been noticing recently that nearly every time there's a BBC news report or interview at Westminster, this bloke appears in the background, movng around in very determined fashion to make sure his face remains on camera. He's a chubby 40-ish white guy with thinning curly hair.
It's quite amusing.
Ahhhh! On EASTENDERS, Syed declared that he's gay and Muslim, and doesn't blieve Allah would condemn him for being what he was made, and loving Christian. I know it's silly, but it was kinda touching.
The ancient BIG ISSUE guy smiled sympathetically and said 'You lookin' TIRED today , Mama'. *Sigh*.
There is actually something slightly interesting going on in the Big Brother House; a study in the agonies of low self-esteem. There's an endless on/off flirtation going on between Bristol Josie and gormless Strine surfer boy John James, who is very pretty in a Beckhamesque way.
Josie is arguably the most attractive-looking of the females. She's a lush 'Cushy Butterfield' type wench, and I imagine, quite appealing to blokes. She seems to think she's totally 'out of the running',though, and could never be fancied by such a cute boy as John James. She's obviously very worried abut her size (a lovely, sturdy 16-18) and complains she never has drinks bought for her or has much 'attention' paid by men in the outside world. Jeez...
I watch a bit of the full-length WOODSTOCK every now and then to see if any of my companions appear.Today they showed a scrawny bespectacled naked guy being interviewed in a downpour. I remember that he briefly took shelter in our tent! I thought he was a bit of a weirdo, actually. (Of course, I was probably in an altered state myself.)

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