July 11th, 2010


Frightening Adverts...

I know I'm afraid of a lot of mundane things that don't bother other people, but it seems to me that TV ads are getting creepier all the time. Currently I'm disturbed by
  • That juddering, jumpy Iggy Pop homunculus.
  • The hair gel  one where clubbing youths casually remove their heads for styling.
  • Those dead-eyed Bratz-style marionettes doing a menacing tribal dance in front of an office Coke machine.
Still hideously tropical, although a little better than yesterday. Rain is forecast. Mmmm!

Amused myself in my heat delerium by reading BRUSHING THE TIP OF FAME, an undemanding but amiable memoir by actor Nicholas Hope, who was so astonishing in BAD BOY BUBBY, but never quite made it big in the mainstream, which was probably lucky for him.

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    Oh no...the GO COMPARE tenor on TV inside.