July 6th, 2010


Runnin' Wild...

I guess the pet pushchair was too good to be true. Amazy was once again captured easily and zipped into  the carrier, BUT as I chatted with R Next Door, she worked her way through a barely noticeable gap in the side and charged off! Thank the gods that didn't happen outdoors. (It's three years to the day since I lost Wotan-) She squeezed herself behind the heavy desk, though, and couldn't be extracted in time to make the appointment. I feel really bad about that, too. They  could charge me for it, I suppose, but they're very understanding.
I'm going to complain, although I think the gap can be sorted with safety pins, it's really dangerous, and for the price I paid, shouldn't be there...not to mention the fally-offy wheel. *Sigh*

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Shabby has left the Big Brother house. She was one of the 'best' housemates, too. They are just so bloody dull. Ben's hair is rather mesmerising, though. How does he  do it, exactly?
Watched THE LIGHTNING THIEF, which was actually quite a jolly romp. It was a dumb kid film, of course,but  I enjoyed it.
Fellow opera fans, that ROH BOCCANEGRA with Domingo is being televised Saturday on BBC2. A lovely treat, after all that feckin' football and tennis. Heh!

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