June 29th, 2010


Still Steamy...

Good news, Domingo's SIMON BOCCANEGRA at the ROH is going to be televised in various places on big screens, and a concert version televised. It's a great favourite of mine, I always weep gallons, and Domingo really is pretty incredible.

The heavy weather just keeps on sucking. I thought there might be a miracle when it rained a bit this morning, but no, it's more humid than ever. Time to put up the fan in the bedroom. There was a weird blood-orange moon last night; kinda spooky.
After weeks of trying to get through, I was finally able to report my faulty Freedom Pass. Some of the drivers really enjoy threatening to make you pay, even though they can plainly see the valid date,(although it doesn't 'ding'.) They said they'd send another 'straight away'. I can but hope.

Still no scanner action. Here's a crude little strip I doodled about Mario lanza, while watching a TV biog. I can't remember if I've posted it already. Don't think so...

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