June 28th, 2010

Going to Hell


I really can't handle it. It feels hotter than yesterday, although it isn't. The humidity, I guess. Fuck.
Amazy is not a bright cat. I had considered myself lucky that she didn't jump on the bed all the time, but she was just waiting until it got hot.
You'd think she'd gravitate towards one of the cooler rooms, where more breeze is coming in, and there are big fans. No, she wants to tread on me and drool in the watches of the night.. Stoopid animal. Her skin seems to be clearing up, anyway, touch wood. The spot under her chin looks much better.
BT TV ads are always lame, but the current series is just weird. 'Jane' seems to have forgotten to tell her handsome ex,( who looks stricken when cutiepie daughter spills the beans...)  that she's marrying her dorky toyboy, Adam. Said Adam is sometimes shown in grungy urban settings, ordering a curry on the bus home...which is a waterfront  paradise pad. In the current one, he's enjoying his stag night, with his even dorkier mates, who look like rejects from THE IT CROWD. This seems to consist of crowding around a laptop to watch porn! These people ain't right...

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