June 22nd, 2010


To The Vet...

In a pushchair. Actually, Amazy went into it really easily. i could have done it without R. Unfortunately, one of the wheels keeps falling off! When I have the energy I'll have to try and figure out what I've done wrong. Amazy herself seemed to actually enjoy the outing, except for the bus (don't blame her-) where she screamed nonstop. People kept coming up to remark on the pushchair, and I must say it's a brilliant wheeze,well  worth investing in, if  you have to do vet trips with a nervous beastie on public transport.
She doesn't have ringworm, thank the gods, but the cause of the eczema is as yet unknown. She got a steroid injection and some anti-mite cream, a worming tablet, her claws clipped and a checkup, which came to £75!   :O   Also, she still needs her basic injections, and she has a bad tooth which needs dealing with. Holy Mother of God...
After that, I spent most of the day hiding from the sun and the Budget.

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