May 29th, 2010


'Holiday' Weekend...


The world seems so deserted...Very good piece on chronic loneliness in todays's grauniad, btw; really rang a few of my bells...I also got a leaflet from AGE UK picturing a fellow geriatric pleading 'Please don't ignore me' or similar. Arf. Tell me about it.

Amazy seems to be into shitting like 4-5 times a day. Nothing unhealthy-looking, just huge and very, very smelly turds, requiring 'dealing with'. (Thought I'd share..) Then there's having to drag the hoover around painfully, every sodding day.
I'm also suffering terribly with allergies from her copious and ,being white, very visible all over the place-fluff. So far brushing and some liquid from the pet shop aren't helping. Everything's a hassle...Still, I like having the lil' critter around.

Scanner still kaput, and my PCTV thingie as well. Jeezus.

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