May 14th, 2010


Cometh The Cat...

Yup, the die is cast. H and T are coming round in the car, later, and bringing Maisy/Amazy.Gawd 'elp us... H is stopping over, and we're going to the TOSCA dress tomorrow. Yeeha.!  New production, I think, and much-praised new diva.
LUTHER, the latest tec series is so very idiotic, I'm fascinated by it. Plagued-by-personal demons Luther (the admirable and very large Idris Elba) is this iintuitive genius-type sleuth who keeps getting into when his estranged wife tells him she's Met Someone Else, he demolishes a door, reduces it to splinters with his bare tortured hands. Like I said, issues. He also likes doing some of his deep thinking, while perched on the very edge of the copshop roof, gazing into the abyss.

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