May 8th, 2010


Polling Chaos...

I'm reluctant to post about any political stuff,as I was sick of it before the campaign even started, but what's all this about people being shut out of polling stations?
I got my citizenship in '77, and have voted in every local and general election since. without ever encountering anything resembling a queue at my polling station. Granted, I've always gone early, on my way to the slavejob, or at 'off'' hours during the day. The spectacle of these huge queues of irate voters deprived of their rights, etc. seemed very odd. I dunno...
I have told H I'd adopt Maisie cat, in my lunacy. I may followjackfirecat  's  suggestion and call her Amazy, if she permits it. I've not met her yet, and it may be a couple of weeks before we can arrange a lift from Essex for her. Wish us luck. Perhaps I'll be pleasanty surprised?
 actually felt tempted to put the central heating on last night, and I like cold weather

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