May 4th, 2010


Green Mary Janes...

I was sniffing about in TK Maxx earlier, and noticed these loud green genuine Doc Martens shoes, in one-strap 'Mary Jane' style. A bit girly, but I was drawn to them nonetheless.They had two pairs in my size. I tried them, and they felt OK, but I've had DMs before, and they always hurt...They were 25 quid, expensive for me, but reduced from 66. It would be frivolous, really. I probably wouldn't wear them often. I don't need shoes, at the moment, etc. etc... Still thinking about them, though. Oh well, by the time I go back, they'll probably be gone, anyway.
I'm still considering the Other Thing, too. No conclusion reached yet.
Read about this incredibly weird condition, Morgellon's Syndrome. Evidently Joni Mitchell has it, and i'm now virtually certain I do, too. I have virtually all the symptoms..(.Well, except for the strange multicoloured fibres growing out of my flesh...) Oh dear!

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I honestly would have rather  liked being in a chubster care home, I think. Whenever I got on her nerves, my mum used to threaten me with 'BOARDING SCHOOL!', and I'd think Wow! , imagining some sort of intriguing Hogwartsy place, then pray at night that she'd get pissed off enough to send me. Alas, it was not to be...
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