April 29th, 2010


Another Feckin' Debate...

...And nothing else diverting on the box. Bah. The humidity has been lethal, but it looks like cooling down for a while, now. I'm sorry it had to be on the Bank Holiday, though, for those who like hot & sunny. Life's a beetch.
I've been able to draw and read a bit, but haven't had the courage to go to the Comica Socal Club meeting. Pathetic, when I want company and interesting arty talk, but I just hate being out in public, and I'm hopeless at networking  events. Much as I
I'd like to, I just have no chitchat skills. Gawd 'elp me.
My knees are givng me serious gyp, too, and I put it down to the weather.
I just found out the other day that the late Pope John XXIII has been on display in St Peter's since 2000. How did I ever miss that?
Poor old bugger. I always reckoned he might have been properly holy, and it was a pity he was so old when elected. He seemed to have wanted to do a lot more reformin'.

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