April 22nd, 2010


Gettin' Warmer...

And I'm sneezing, wheezing, itching and grumping . Dunno if it's Icelandic ash or just the usual high pollen season miseries. Bah.
Daydreaming about studios. Absurd, as even if i had one, i probably wouldn't get any more work done. I need stimulus and input badly. I don't like this feeling of getting more and more agoraphobic. Having such trouble getting around doesn't help, though.
Oh well, nearly time for EASTENDERS, anyway. Things are pretty hot, at the moment, what with Masood discovering son Syed on the job with Christian, just as bloody Amira has managed (or has she?) to get impregnated despite Sy's lack of interest. What next? Must say the curt surgeon attending Jack has been good value, too. (Jack has recently joined the legion of locals to get gunned down in the Vic-) 'You have been told he's paralysed?' (Er, no, they hadn't.) He's now trying to steal Ronnie, as Jack languishes hairy and heartbroken in the Mitchell Memorial Wing.

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