April 21st, 2010


Vapour Trails...

There seemed to be dozens of them all the time, as the airports opened.
I dragged myself out into the 'lovely' sun and dropped into Tate Britain. I wanted to get a Blake print for a prezzie, but they didn't have the one I needed. Fap. I had a gawp at the little 'Art of the Sublime' show, which featured some of my fave weird paintings 'Great Day of His Wrath', etc. A school party seemed to be really digging it. I have a lot of time for Wattts, too; some of his misty visions look a lot like my dream world inhabitants. He was obviously a nutter, too, which is nice.
I took in a scary little film, as well; LIGHT BOX by Laure Prouvost. It was quite unsettling, and worth taking a few minutes for.
Outside, I saw  a slender teenage robin, with extremely bright beady eyes. I don't think I've seen a robin in several years, actually.
A couple of years ago I did some daily colour spot drawings in a sketchbook. It was fun, perhaps I'll do it again.  In the meantime, here are some of  the older ones.

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