April 16th, 2010



So far no real sign of it here in London. it must be very pleasantly weird for people who live near airports, though.
I count myself soooo lucky that I elevated my carbon foot print a few weeks ago, and am not stuck howling in an airport. My heart goes out to all those poor sods.
Volcanic ash seems to have knocked the Chinese earthquake right off the front page. I hope they're getting the help they need. I guess earthquakes are getting a bit commonplace.
I felt a bit better, but had to stay in for the shower-fixing man. he said a bit was missing, and was surprised I'd been able to use it for almost a year. The last time I had someone out, he said there was nothing wrong with it; i just had to switch off and on again, etc, which seemed to work for a while. well we'll see what it does now. Fingers crossed.
I watched a film:

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