April 9th, 2010


Malcolm McLaren, RIP...

Yet another engagingly crazy creative gone before time. Not a nice person, of course, but a great trickster figure and brain stimulus to a generation. Full marks to Mr Lydon, too, for his (shocking!) generous and dignified remarks.

I sit here awaiting delivery of new chair, and later, somebody from the Geek Squad to try and fix the scanner...which will cost more than the gadget itself, I suppose. Little choice. The bloke on the estate couldn't be bothered to look at it, and there's no one else at hand. I wasn't getting anywhere, myself, and it's problematic taking it in somewhere to be looked at, when I can't walk properly, and have to use public transport. Bah.
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Here's Another...

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Apropos to my rantlet about the youth of today earlier this week...
While moaning, I'd just like to add that my brain is already exploding with absurd politician bullshit, and they've barely started! may the gods spare us...
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    infuriating TV talking heads