March 30th, 2010

ropey old twat

Too Old...

Got back from Barcelona yesterday afternoon, in a state of exhaustion so overwhelming I can't even begin to describe it. The pain situation is pretty intense, too. We were both utterly frelled, and I had to submit to being wheelchaired around the airports. There's so much walking at the Barcelona end that even the young and fit were finding it hard going. H is used to the whole thing, but I found it terrifying, being at such a low level, shoved around by yelling young men chatting loudly to each other in their language. I was slammed into by various walls and rushing late people in the process. Humiliating, too. Young people gawping pityingly, etc. Waaa!
The destination itself was as gorgeous as expected, and the weather bright and summery ; too hot for me, actually, but you get desert-like chilly evenings, and the intense blues of  sky and sea-yeah, beautiful.
We didn't see as much as we'd have liked, of course, due to how halt and lame we are, but we did the best we could, including making it to stunning  Monserrat. Ohhhya!
More as I recover. My scanner is already acting up, but I managed some sketchbook scrawls.
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