February 24th, 2010

white eyes

Queen Of Spades!...

Saw the old Thorold Dickinson version of the Pushkin tale, after many, many years, and wow, it still packs quite a punch. The b&w 'Russian' atmosphere is excellent, all very hyper-real and dreamlike. The presentation is deliberately operatic, which, of course suits me fine, and it honestly is quite spooky. Martin Scorcese says so, too, so there!
I've always found Anton Walbrook  an interestingly weird actor; that creepy wheedling voice, the air of sleaze, yet  with something quite compelling about him. He's perfectly suited to this sort of thing, and he really gives excellent OTT disintegrating loon; full maniacal laughter, febrile spiralling eyeballs whack. This is well worth seeing.



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