February 21st, 2010


Nocturnal Hobnobbin' With Celebs...

Dreamt that Michael Winner kept coming on to me(!). I was appalled, but two gbfs of mine (now alas, both deceased-) urged me to go for it. I could have an interesting lifestyle, money, etc., and while repulsive, Winner had lots of interesting gossip, etc.  So we all set off for a BFI screening. It was at the ICA, and I was in the bar when Lily Allen flounced along the lower level, and approached Winner, who was standing there. He was immediately besotted, and wandered off with her. Well, that's that, I reckoned, rather relieved. The other two guys were killing themselves laughing.
Later, Gok Wan was in my flat. He'd been sent by the council to redecorate. I protested that the place had just been 'done' a few months ago, and I couldn't face any more upheaval. He insisted that the whole building had to be done.It was the law. I was in a frenzy as he installed huge swirly red and silver  decals on the walls, etc, and brought in horrid girly furniture, frilly bits, etc. Felt stressed when I woke up!
Watched CHANGELING, which was interesting. The switchboard scenes took me back. I actually worked on one of the last peg boards in London. They finally modernised when engineers that new how to repair and maintain the thing became unavailable. We suggested donating it to the V&A, which I think they might have done... It was rather fun in dull stretches to put two of the little phallic bits end to end, and make blue sparks.

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