February 18th, 2010

red d'oh


Experimenting with putting cartoons on LJ. This is my  all-day comic day effort , but I dunno how to post it so it can be seen. God, i'm inept. Gotta just keep fiddling, I guess...
Oh, it's done it itself! Click onna pages to see them bigger. Chortle.
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PC Pleasure!

I must express my gratitude to my poor old mother, for changing her will at the last and leaving me enough to clear my debts, decorate,replace some broken down furniture, take a few lil' trips, I hope, AND get this amazing puter...I keep forgetting it can do all these  things. Like last night helenraven  had to remind me that you can watch DVDs on it. We saw DRAG ME TO HELL, on an unfortunately rather ropey LoveFilm disc. (Very amusingly dizgustin' and highly recommended-) We had some rather nice Waitrose (Eee, posh!) snackies, and I introduced F to the strangeness that is CappuVino.
It's another weirdly silent day on Wandsworth Road. The traffic is sooo slow,and with a lot of people obviously taking alternate routes as well, you seldom hear it. I think I'm going to be parked here for a lot of the day, somehow. It doesn't look too tempting outdoors at the moment.
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