February 14th, 2010


Oh My Soul...

The HP Touchsmart 600 is up and purring, my God, it's a magnificent beast. I'm kind of frightened to touch it. Wish I could overcome my old ladyish gadget terror.
 I've just had my first faltering encounter with the Bamboo Wacom tablet, too. Eeeee... The ancient towers, stripped of hard drives, have been taken to recycle, Jinty's Mac has gone to the other side of the estate, where an aspirational teen is making good use of it, and all is quite satisfactory.
Saw ANGELS AND DEMONS, which was actually a bit better than expected; certainly better than DA VINCI CODE. It was still rubbish, though. I was rather disappointed to note that the all-time greatest moment of Dan Brown ludicrousness,- wherein Langdon escapes a helicopter of death, by way of an improvised parachute he makes from an old blanket that happened to be on board, plops into the Tiber, then calmly releases himself from A&E to finish saving the world- was altered to make it a little less asinine. Bah.


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