February 7th, 2010


I Can Haz New PC...

I finally decided on a HP all-in-one, with a biig screen, ample bells & whistles,plus a cheapo camcorder to experiment with, a printer/scanner, and a graphics tablet. Heh!
Now I just have to get hold of somebody tecchy to set it up and get it rolling for poor little me, once it's arrived. I also need to strip the hard drives on the two ancient towers I have lying around, so I can get rid of them and free up a bit more space.. Anyone have software I can use, or any suggestions?
Oh,  BTW, Jenni, I'm sure you'll be glad to know that the spiffing Mac you gifted me with has gone on to a very nice youngster on the estate, who's at college, and didn't have a home computer. She was ecstatic to have it, and it continues to accumulate good karma for you!
Hmmm, think I'll have mushroom chow mein, and settle in for BEING HUMAN, and (although it continues to suck-) HEROES.
It's been a very peculiar day of sort of low-hanging murky cloud, like an all-day twilight. I kept expecting it to thunder, but it didn't.
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