January 28th, 2010


All Occasions Do Inform Aginst Me...

Still really thick with this rattly sticky cough, but I was determined to go to the bloody clinic and get it over with. I gave myself 90 minutes to get to Kings College, as it was off-peak. ..I ended up 20 minutes late. I was the doctor's last patient, and she wouldn't see me, as she was off to do a presentation. The waiting room was heaving and everyone gazed in deep amaze at me. I nearly cried, but managed to refrain. I had a good old cough, though.limping back down the endless corridor. *Groan*
Unhealthy sweet and sour prawns for lunch, by way of comfort eating. Then I dozed off watching an old film. PANIC IN THE STREETS with Jack Palance as a plague-carrying killer.
Curiously unsettling moment on last night's CBB...Davina got into the secretly evicted Nicola T's chicken costume (don't ask-) and went into The House. The other housemates twigged immediately, and  circled round her in weirdly menacing fashion (they were all in animal suits-) She was backed against a wall wriggling, with her tweety-bird 'head' bobbing pathetically, as they all shuffled implacably towards her zombie-style.
The horse was particularly scary. It was as bad as clowns.
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