January 26th, 2010



When I got to the hospital yesterday, I had to give my birthdate to the receptionist four times. On the third, she said 'OK, so that's one, one, 1922, yes?' I mean, I know I look bad, but...Cherry on top; they had me down for the TUESDSAY clinic, so I had to go back today. The wait wasn't too bad, but I had to get a compression bandage. Then they sent me upstairs to make an appontment for bloody stockings, but the department was closed. It's amazing how tiring this sort of thing is. It shouldn't be, I guess, but I just ain't got no stamina. I'm coming down with another cold, too.
Saw SUNSHINE, which didn't impress me much. Quite good to look at, but  like 2001, which it rather resembles, I found it cold and uninvolving.

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