January 18th, 2010



The boxes containing the new table have arrived; now to get someone to put them together.
I hope my new specs come soon. I can't even see the screen now, hence probably more typos even than usual...
WALLANDER had a strong finish, but on the whole, I still prefer the original. The UK version had a brilliant turn from Mr Branagh (although  original Kurt is excellent too), and a great  tragic Dad from David Warner. The melancholy appeal of the scenery was equally well captured, but the English version  was marred by lame Linda and cardboard colleagues.
CBB has really been pretrty amusing, so far. Unfortunately, we've lost sleep-loving supermadam Heidi, though. Sov's getting ratty, and tiny-eyed zealot Mr Baldwin is going all out to convert crossdressing cagefighting, Jordanbonking Alex, a very simple but rather sweet soul, who seemed on the verge of tears after one 'testimony' ...whether this was due to agony at the long tirade of Bible-bashing  or religious ardour, is not yet known.
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