January 5th, 2010


Cabin Fever...

Lift still broken, so Ive not been able to do a big shop, and once again, they're kicking up a big snowpocalypse  alert. I'll believe it when I see it, but, with my luck they'll be right this time...The worst is I'm nearly out of diet cola. Shriek!
Latest grim email from my sister.. Her vision is deteriorating rapidly, and her husband has tic doloureux, one of the most painful conditions going. It can be controlled by meds, but they send you paranoid and generally doolally. There's bugger all I can do, of course, but it's just so Wrong, especially  for this to be falling on them after three long years of caring for my demented and dreadfully difficult mother. Oh boy...
I  usually manage to get more cartooning done when the weather is cold, but  right now, I have this incredible hibernation urge. I just want to get under the duvet and dream. I'm still managing to get a bit done, but it ain't easy.
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    Bob Dylan: HARD RAIN