November 17th, 2009


Bucking Fastards...

The lift to my floor has been out of order for three sodding days, which is no joke when you're trying to get a full shopping trolley down even one flight, with bad knees, back, etc. No good for the trolley, either. I imagine those with squirmy infants in pushchairs must be having a lot of fun, too. I also have a blanket chest being delivered tomorrow, and don't think the drivers are going to be too happy.
There never seems to be a concierge downstairs these days, either. What with all the anti-social antics going on around here at present, we need more security down there, not less all the time. Grrrrr.
Had to wait 40 minutes to get my blood pressure taken and all. "It's fine." I have to keep going back, though. Piss.
I bought a cheapo version of those shoes that are lower at the heel than front, and are supposed to tone you, improves circulation, etc. They feel extremely weird, at the moment. Ugly as hell, too, but I quite like clumpy shoes.
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