October 26th, 2009

indy thought

First Ever Poll Attempt...

Poll #1476594 Radical Weight Loss Surgery

Would you have the op?

No, just carry on trying to eat sparingly, and hope for the best.
Yes, it's a chance for a new life, looking almost 'normal' (with your clothes on, anyway...
No way, it's all part of the demonisation of fat, and unlikely to do any good.
God knows.

Take into consideration: You've spent most of your life on some kind of diet, but the best that ever happens seems to be that you get fatter a bit slower. Now that you're getting on, the obesity-related health problems are kicking in. You're so arthritic you can't do stairs or walk any distance.You're afraid you'll end up a total invalid, and/or die before your time.
If the op is a success, you could lose something like ten stone in a year. This might help your mobility,improve your longevity prospects, and you'll look better, as long as you don't take your clothes off and reveal the acres of drooping, flapping, crinkled skin...
On the other hand, you could be the one in a hundred who dies as a result. There's also the possibility of gruesome side effects,a rough recovery period, and the chance that despite having a stomach the size of an egg, you just won't lose weight. There's also the fact that food as one of life's pleasures will be over for you.You can't even have caffeine or fizzy drinks for ages, and you'll have to spend the rest of your days eating miniscule amounts of dreary, bland food as fuel.

Spudnut, Spudnut, Spudnut...

Now, following on from my bariatric surgery agony, a junk food entry...
I was reminded of 'spunuts' by a ZIPPY strip, the other day, and have been trudging around going 'Spudnut, spudnut, spudnut...' to myself ever since. Good name for a cat, maybe... Actually, I don't think I've ever tasted a spudnut. They weren't really a New York thing, and I don't think they're a big franchise anywhere, any more. For those interested in weird and wonderful snacky stuff, though, here's a recipie from a curious URL I googled.


It's all USA measurements, but there's some intriguing stuff...Onion cookies?, etc. for those who like hands-on fooling around with foodstuffs. Badass? Jason?

Today's bus insanity...The driver actually stopped to let a wheelchair user on. Unfortunately, there were already two immensely oversized and elaborate breeder chariots on board,rigged with everything sticky-outy and space-taking but spikes on the wheels, plus my wagon. Nobody could move anywhere; people were trying to get on and off, and we just could.not.bloody move. Finally, the wheelchair lady's stop came up, and the ramp wouldn't work, so the poor old soul had to be hauled off manually. Fap.

Almost time for EASTENDERS. The father of Cabbage Patch Hevver's baby has turned out to be pale and uninteresting teen Darren(!!!) who has just proposed to upwardly mobile Oxford-bound Libby... He stuck his head in the door (Hevver and lil' George Michael seem to have a room to themselves in the Mitchell Memorial Wing-) goggled, gaped, and ran for his weedy young life. Hev's features-all-squished together-in the middle face crumpled even more. That poor kid is really gonna have issues... No WAY this particular 'special cuddle' could ever, ever have taken place, even in Walford. When will the EE scriptwriters get a grip?
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