October 9th, 2009



It's still fairly warm actually, but looks and feels more like genuine autumn. I slept in until 7:30-ish, too, 'cos it was dark.

Whoa, the Grauniad critic sure did despise the ENO TURANDOT:


I'm quite surprised. Yes, the production was ludicrous and deranged, but so is the opera. As for the 'unsubtle' conducting and singing,when has anyone ever suggested that TURANDOT was supposed to be subtle? I dunno, I loved it...
I think my favourite production evah was the Royal Opera one with Gwyneth Jones and Domingo.His onstage persona has a warmth that somehow rendered the unpleasant Calaf almost sympathetc, I loved the costumes, giant heads on poles, and -yeh- all the masks.

I managed to get my old diaries and dream journals into the new blanket box. It really took a lot of energy, though. I was stupid enough to look at some of them briefly, and was demoralised and drained by recalling how grievously and long I was abused, at my dayjob and by boyfriends, especially the completely doolally psychological sadist RDG. Wotta tosser, and what a blazing chump I was.
'Oy, ve get too soon old, and too late smart.'
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