August 24th, 2009


Psychoman in ASDA....

I was standing in the queue when the couple in front of me went back to get something they'd forgotten while the cashier was dealing with the ones ahead of them. In the meantime, this yob type came up behind me, and when the couple got back, he started effing and blinding at them, saying he was going to GBH them and stuff. I said well they were there all the time, really, and he started bawling verbal menaces at me. I got too frit to talk back any more, and had to just stand there cringing like a salted slug, expecting a knife to slide into the back of my neck all the while.
A security man finally took him aside, and the cashier congratulated me on my bravery. Really, though. you're better off just keeping out of it. I was well spooked. God, this is a nasty world.

Still no receipt or action from the window  blind people, so I rang them, and a woman said she'd check and ring back. Guess what?...(Simmer.)

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