August 8th, 2009


Whinge Alert...

I've been wondering grimly of late if I've actually 'grown up'.  I feel so very humourless, isolated, grumpy, futureless...Now, I've always been a depressive, and understand  how that affects many of my emotions.but  I've always considered this kind of total bleakness and lack of  any sense of wonder to be a uniquely 'adult' thing, though. Meh. I think the constant physical niggles could have a lot to do with it. I feel so limited.

Doesn't look as though I'll be making it to CAPTION, as per usual. I've left it pretty late to try and get a room at that monastery-place, and  I doubt if I'll be up to trying to get there by coach,anyhow, especially if it's hot. The programme really looks particularly interesting, though. Fap.

More grim news from my sister's little corner of this hellhole world. I wish I had some of her stoicism. The Fickle Finger of Fate really hasn't stopped squishing her for  well over three years, now. and her afflictions are way worse than mine. She does have a consolation I lack, though; complete belief in her version of Buddhism and its benefits.

Saw a curious film last night about a weird serial killer in Japan. VENGEANCE IS MINE. Evidently the original novel was based on a real case. The finale, suggesting that  this loon actually was some sort of demonic force, was quite striking.t
Have become obsessed with the hideousness of BB David. In addition to being grievously dumb, the poor lad really does look like some sort of Bash Street monster kid. Wonderful to draw, of course...
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