June 30th, 2009


Steamin' Hell...

I'm feeling EVIL as well as sick; have been in all day, trying to get stuff into bags, etc. for the painters starting tomorrow.Sweltering, stinking, full of dust, and the more I haul out, it seems, the more there is. I just want to throw everything away. My sister is right about possessions. At least, that's what I think at the moment.
Yesterday's trip to the 'chest clinic' at Denmark Hill in the heat was, of course, foul, although there  wasn't too much waiting. There was lots of blowing into peak flow metres and other similar contraptions, with a pert little nurse squeaking 'More! More! Harder! Harder!'  quite innocently. I was really pissed off,though, by her making a huge effort to haul this GIANT bariatric chair along every time I had to sit at a machine. I should have been appreciative that she was so keen to do it, I suppose, and didn't act overtly judgemental. Thing is, that in this instance, the 'normal' chairs they use in the clinic were quite adequate, even for my colossal rump, and I'd rather have done without the fuss. I gave in, and helped her with it, since she insisted on my using it, and it was quite heavy, you know, one of those 'suitable for up to 40 stone' ones. Mumble...The other wheezers and gaspers being tested all enjoyed the show, of course.
Oh yeah, I think I've lost another filling.
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